Thursday, July 26, 2018

Checkout Our New Trail Map and Signs

We just updated our website to include additional information about some of the most popular hiking routes on the tree farm. This includes the trail to Dickerson Falls, as well as the popular loop trail we now refer to as the South Loop Trail and the more strenuous hike to Zach’s Lookout, the highest point on the tree farm. We have added more detailed directions as well as information about the lengths and elevation gain of some hikes. To avoid confusion we have used the name Dickerson Trail for the trail that  accesses Dickerson Falls, and we are now using this same name from the main east-west trail route on the tree farm (all the way from Lebers Lane Trailhead to Zach’s Lookout at the western edge of our tree farm). We hope these changes make it easier for visitors to navigate the most popular routes on the tree farm.

Signage at the Lebers Lane trailhead and key intersections also reflects the new names.

Enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest summer weather and please make sure to pack sufficient water on hot days!

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